My attempts to rule as rightful heir to the throne of Asgard failed, as well as my attempts to rule on Midgard. For many moons I have suffered the punishment for my crimes, and I am bound to no longer attempt to rule. Though that cannot stop me from having a bit of fun every now and then.

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ladyunpleasantries replied to your post: [text] Don’t suppose you feel like teleporting to a hotel room midtown and listening for a little while?

[text] Me. I feel like I’m losing everything and you’re the only one I know who would understand that.

He stares at the screen on his phone for a few seconds before teleporting to the hotel. One second he was standing in his townhouse, Puddle nestled on his lap, the next he was standing in the middle of the hotel, eyes falling on Cassie instantly. “What happened?” He asked softly, sliding his phone into his pocket.